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How to Think Like a Tax Lawyer – Be Aware of Costly Tax Evasion Schemes to Avoid IRS Tax Problems

How to Think Like a Tax Lawyer – Be Aware of Costly Tax Evasion Schemes to Avoid IRS Tax Problems

FACT: The IRS reports that tax evasion is a widespread problem that grows each year costing the government an estimated $350 billion in unpaid taxes and creating a tax gap that grows by 10% each year.

FACT: The additional tax burden falls on shoulders of honest Americans.

FACT: Public services that are supported by tax dollars are affected as well.

FACT: Buying into tax evasion schemes can and will be costly, either in civil or criminal penalties or both, even imprisonment.

The Internal Revenue Service has identified small business and sole proprietorship owners as the largest contributors to the tax gap. Without significant investigations, there is no way for the government to control skimming or non-reported income by individuals who are self-employed or run small businesses.

While there are huge tax evasion activities happening all over the world, it has been estimated that the United States Government has collected roughly $350 billion less than it is owed by American taxpayers. We’re already seeing the IRS cracking down on both small businesses and individuals who evade their taxes with an increase in tax audits and aggressive collection tactics, including bank levies.

Tax evasion is not to be confused with tax avoidance. The biggest difference? One is legal, the other is a crime. Tax avoidance is when someone works within existing laws to pay the least amount of taxes that the IRS says are due. Tax evasion, on the other hand, is when someone intentionally works outside of existing laws by not paying the taxes that are owed to the IRS.

And you don’t have to be a tax lawyer to know the red flags that cause the IRS to suspect tax evasion. If you intentionally fail to report your business cash receipts, including checks that are cashed at the maker’s bank, the IRS has specific audit programs that will investigate this activity. Also, if the amount of income reported on your tax return far exceeds the previous year’s – you will be flagged as suspect! Additionally, if you are one of those “do-gooders”  that helps others to file fraudulent tax returns and accept payment for this… that could be a problem.

Tax evasion encompasses any cheating of the government in taxes. Tax evasion is a felony and can carry up to a 5-year prison sentence and/or IRS penalties up to $100,000. Even in the current enforcement climate, taxpayers can learn how to save money by taking advantage of legal tax deductions to reduce their IRS bill. Additionally, anyone who owes back taxes or is being audited by the IRS will need to know that there are options for negotiating a tax resolution. Working with a tax resolution specialist or tax lawyer can greatly increase your chances of successfully resolving your IRS tax problems. However, it’s important to be informed in the first place so you can avoid becoming a target of aggressive IRS collection efforts that can financially cripple you for life.It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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Secrets to Beating a Speeding Ticket

Secrets to Beating a Speeding Ticket

The cop noticed you and he immediately did a U-turn, put his flashing lights on as he approached your vehicle. What should you do? Should you pull over fast or try to out run the cop? Many things will be racing through your mind as your heart beats faster while waiting for the cop to walk up to you. What you do and say can make all the difference.

The first thing to do is try to remain calm and concentrate on what just happened. Take a mental note of your surroundings and the reason you think he pulled you over. Take note whether the road was straight or curved. Was there any other cars ahead or behind you, what is the weather and road conditions, etc. While thinking of your surroundings, make sure to place both hands on the steering wheel so the police officer can see them. Do not reach into your glove compartment or anywhere for your license yet. If you do the cop might think that you are hiding something or are going for a weapon.

When the cop asks you for your license, registration and insurance, make sure to tell the cop where it is located. Say something like “my license is located in the glove compartment” and then proceed to open it. The officer will appreciate that you are keeping them informed of things because they are always prepared for someone pulling out a weapon. Your honesty might even help the cop decide to let you off with a warning. Be polite to the officer but do not voluntary any information which might incriminate you. If the police officer asks you “do you know why I pulled you over?” don’t say something like “yes, I was speeding” or “I was going a little over the speed limit”. If you say this then you are admitting guilt. The officer is trained to remember what you said and he’ll write all that info on the back of your ticket to remind him later. Always be polite but stand up for your rights.

Always remember something – in this great country, you are innocent until proven guilty. The officer is not the judge and jury. If you can’t handle the heat or the hassle then you can simply plead guilty or just pay the fine. In fact, that’s exactly what they want you to do. They want you to be like the rest of the sheeple and pay the fines. If you admit guilt and pay the fine, be prepared for higher insurance rates for several years. I never pay fines on speeding tickets, I always plead not guilty and set it up for court. If they feel that I’m guilty, then they must prove it.

During court, many techniques can be used to win your case. Remember all the info about the surroundings when the ticket was issued can help greatly. Having photos and Citing case law is of particular importance especially if it was similar to your situation. By asking the officer about the radar gun and proof that it was calibrated correctly, with paperwork, is another method to win.

Next time you see those lights behind you, be prepared and ready. In my opinion you should never volunteer any info to the officer which might incriminate you and you should never admit guilt and pay the fine. There are many ways to beat a speeding ticket and your defense should be prepared as soon as you receive the citation. You have a good chance of winning if you stand up for your rights.…

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Jail Bonds – Get Peace of Mind

Jail Bonds – Get Peace of Mind

The experience of life can throw many obstacles in the path of individuals that are often unexpected. When it comes to matters of the law many individuals never see themselves interacting with the legal environment. However life often provides the unexpected and individual’s find themselves involved in the unfamiliar territory of the legal system. The legal experience can be overwhelming for in inexperienced legal individual and things are further complicated when the prospect of jail time is also involved. Fortunately for many, the legal system does offer the opportunity to escape this experience through the utilization of bail bonds Florida. Bail bonds Florida represents an option available to any individual in the state of Florida to escape the persecution of jail time while they await their trial court date.

Since many individuals are unfamiliar with the legal system experience they are often unfamiliar with the concept of bail bonds Florida. The topic of bail bonds Florida is often referenced when an individual pleads not guilty to a case and a trial date has to be set by the court. It is at this time that many judges will determine what bail should be set in regards to the flight risks that you offer. Following the decision related to bail a defendant has the choice to pursue the freedom offered through the cost of bail or remain in jail until the hearing date, which often is set out for months. The expense of bail is often incredibly high and bail bonds Florida offer you the chance to pay a smaller percentage to a bail bondsman who will front the expense with the condition that the individual make all of their court appearances. The defendant has the opportunity to avoid jail time and continue with their normal life while conducting preparation for their case when they use bail bonds Florida, also known as the jail bond.

It is not normally a pleasant experience when a person discovers themselves being subjected to the whims of the legal environment. This experience is further complicated when a loved one is subjected to jail time even before they are found guilty. A person can free themselves from the long term scheduling issues of many legal systems when they utilize a jail bond to attain their freedom and rejoin their family. Without the option of jail bonds an individual can be jailed without cause for an extended period of time which can result in the loss of their job along with the means necessary to support their families.…

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Marriage and Relationship – Ways To Avoid Divorce

Marriage and Relationship – Ways To Avoid Divorce

1) Look at yourself in the mirror and ask these questions;

Did you place high importance on your spouse, putting his or her interest as your priority?

Did you feel committed and had proved to her or him about that?

Did you view your marriage in terms instead of “our” and “we”, rather than “mine “and “me”?

Is your marriage been a team work or does each one of you does his or her own things?

Did you treat your spouse with respect?

Did you manifest reasonableness by giving allowances when he or she commit mistake?

Did you have a forgiving heart towards your spouse?

Did you truly love your mate from your heart?

Did you work hard enough to make your marriage successful?

2) Now give yourself an honest examination. What are your answers to the questions above? Rate yourself.

Did you know that marriage reach to the point of divorce when the answers to the questions above are 50% negative?

3) If you have difficulties in marriage, is it because you chose the wrong spouse? Or it’s because you failed to work on it? So if your marriage seems to end, you should think what you could do to make it better and not to let it go.

4) Meditate the good times you had with your spouse when your relationship had just begun such as;

Your vows and promises you made during your wedding day,

The good qualities you admired most from your spouse.

The first sweet love you had for each other

The times you shared during bad times and good times

5) Talk to your spouse in a kind manner that you really want to repair your relationship. If you can’t get him or her face to face, try to put it down in writing. Be sure to choose words that are kind and loving enough to soften his or her heart.

6) Seek some guidance from an experience and mature friend who can help you set realistic goals to improve your marriage.

7) Self control is needed. If you don’t control yourself and just give in to madness, nothing will happen. You are just fuelling the fire instead of putting it off.

8) Think of the sad consequences of divorce to you and your children.

9) Don’t be misled to believe that you can find a better one. If you didn’t do good in your first marriage, it will be the same the second time. Your next affair might be better for some reasons but must be even worst in other aspects. So why not continue with the journey you started with your spouse instead of trying to go back and find another boat to sail and start all over again?

10) Be persistent and sincere to work on with the restoration of your marriage. Your spouse will then realize your effort. and he can be touch to cooperate. Don’t forget even the hardest metal can be melted with fire. Even your spouse seem to be determined to pursue divorce, you can you can melt his hard decision by letting him feel that you really want to bring your relationship back on track. But do so with respect, humility, sincerity and love.…