5 Ways to Fight Speeding Tickets

5 Ways to Fight Speeding Tickets

When you get a speeding ticket what options do you have? How can you avoid the consequences that come from getting a speeding ticket? What are some ways to fight a speeding ticket? This article is dedicated to giving you some answers on how to fight speeding tickets.

1. Be cooperative and polite to the officer when you get pulled over. If you are a jerk then you are going to get a ticket, it’s as simple as that. If you are honest and upright with the officer then he is more likely to see your behavior on the road as an accident and give you a warning.

2. Help the officer relax. Traffic stops can be the most dangerous and unpredictable part of police work. One great way to do this is to always keep your hands in sight. As soon as you get pulled over turn on an interior light and gather your insurance and registration so it is ready to be given to the officer. If you don’t have time to gather your information then keep your hands on the steering wheel til he comes up and asks for it. It can make an officer anxious and you are searching for something under your seat or in your glove box. For all they know it could be a gun. Use respectful language and have a stable composure.

3. Don’t admit guilt to the officer. Most drivers admit their guilt as soon as the cop comes up to the window. This makes it almost impossible to fight the ticket later. However, if you do accidentally admit your guilt, there are a few things you can try as a last attempt. First of all, when he asks how fast you think you were going, you should guess high. Guess 5 or 10 mph higher than you actually think you were going. Then when he tells you that you were only going 10 mph over the speed limit it looks a lot better than the 20 mph over that you thought you were going. This makes it seem not as bad, and might get you off. The better choice is to not admit guilt in the first place, just tell him you do not know why he pulled you over.

4. Try do delay your court hearing as much as possible. The more time there is between the ticket and the court appearance, the more time you have for the officer to forget details about the incident.

5. Many times just showing up to court is enough to get off the hook. Lots of times the officer won’t show up (especially in big cities) and if he doesn’t then the case is usually dismissed.