Advantages and Disadvantages of Uncontested Divorce

It is now becoming common for couples to divorce amicably when they decide that they are no longer attracted to each other and want to move on. Filing for an uncontested divorce is the best option for couples who opt to divorce amicably. It means that the couples have decided to agree on most of the major issues in the divorce which eliminate the need to appear in the court fight. Uncontested divorce has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Uncontested Divorce

The main advantage of uncontested divorce is that you can file the case yourself and save money on hiring a lawyer. You and your spouse can work together to compose the settlement agreement which outlines every major issue that has been discussed. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer to review the settlement agreement in case you make mistakes. A lawyer will be able to make sure that your settlement agreement complies with the standards of the law.

In an uncontested divorce, there is a low level of conflict between the two spouses. Everything can be kept that way as stated in the settlement. The other spouse will be committed to fulfilling everything stated in the settlement such as paying child support and alimony on time. There will be a low chance of appealing to make changes. It ensures that each spouse can get on with their lives with little problems.

Disadvantages of Uncontested Divorce

Filing for an uncontested divorce can ruin you if you are doing to keep quiet on some troubles you are facing from your spouse. For example, your spouse is violent and beating you. He is forcing you to agree to an uncontested divorce so that he can gain an unfair advantage over you. When facing this situation, you should quickly contact divorce attorneys in Franklin. The attorney can help you to obtain an emergency protective order so that you can quickly leave the residence with the children. The lawyer can assist you in developing a longer plan for custody for the divorce proceeding.

Filing for an uncontested divorce is also a wrong decision if you and your spouse don’t understand the family laws. The forms for an uncontested divorce are deep for couples who don’t understand the legal terms. It is recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney if you and your spouse don’t have confidence in completing the paperwork.

How Does Uncontested Divorce Works?

An uncontested divorce can be filed on your own or you can file it with the help of a family law attorney. Only one of the spouses need to hire the lawyer for an uncontested divorce. The documents that need to be submitted are the same. They are the petitions, settlement agreement, and financial affidavits. Both spouses need to sign several documents before filing them. In some jurisdiction, the couples are required to go through counselling before the divorce can be finalized. The divorce judgment can be sent to the couples in the mailbox or the couples are required to attend a hearing in the court.