Divorce – 5 Things To Consider Before Moving Forward

Divorce – 5 Things To Consider Before Moving Forward

Your divorce will have huge consequences for you, your spouse, and your child(ren). Before moving forward with a divorce, step back and seriously evaluate the situation at hand. Ask yourself, am I ready for divorce? Is this really what I want to do? In other words, think long and hard about the consequences. Here is a list of 5 things to consider before moving forward:

Consideration #1 – Carefully weigh the consequences before filing. Divorce may seem like the best way to get out of a failing marriage, but it is a major decision that you must thoroughly think through. Here is a helpful tip – talk with your close friends and family members will provide you with an outsider’s perspective.

Consideration #2 – Seek Marital Counseling. Talking and opening up to a marriage counselor is a good way to let your thoughts and feelings out. Try to seek marriage counseling before ending the marriage. If it works, great! You and your spouse will have reconciled and can move forward with the marriage. If the marriage counseling does not work, you should consider moving forward with a divorce. Do keep in mind, marriage counseling will only work if you and your spouse participate in good faith.

Consideration #3 – Legal Separation or Divorce. There are instances where husband and wife will be better and more comfortable living separate, but still married. If you are not sure whether you want a divorce or a legal separation, file for legal separation can change your mind later.

Consideration #4 – Short Term and Long Term Lifestyle Changes. Think about how things are going to change during and after the divorce. Will you be able to support yourself financially? Will you have a place to live and a vehicle to drive? These are only some of the many changes you need to think about. Be sure you are ready to deal with them should you decide to move forward with a divorce.

Consideration #5 – Your Child(ren). What about the kids? Who will have custody of them? Will you have custody of them? Will your spouse have custody of them? What kind of custody will it be? If you decide to end the marriage, be ready to accept that you may lose them to the other parent, and you will have to maintain a civil relationship with your spouse in order to raise the child(ren) well.