Divorce and Jealousy – When It Gets Toxic

Divorce and Jealousy – When It Gets Toxic

No relationship is worth having if it is going to be a poison to the parties involved. When jealousy has so much tarnished an intimate relationship, whether it is a marriage or not, then divorce from that relationship should be a real option.

When do you really start to contemplate divorce? It all depends, everyone has his or her breaking point. But one thing is sure, something that has become toxic will end up destroying or harming whatever it comes into contact with.

And a jealous situation that has gone on for too long, allowed to escalate beyond mere tantrums or suspicions to acts of outright betrayal, disrespect, and a complete degradation of trust has become toxic.

Can this toxicity be fixed or healed? Again, it depends on the parties involved but one thing is not in doubt when your jealousy becomes toxic to that point divorce from the relationship should not only be seen as a solution but as a real expectation.

Now does this mean that divorce is going to take place and that is what you push for? No, not necessarily. But what it means is that you prepare to do what it takes to prevent this toxicity from ruining your life.

Relationships, including marriages, have been known to endure the worst kinds of betrayal or disrespect and even get stronger in the end.

But to not put yourself in a situation where you know you are indeed prepared to end it all, to divorce completely from that relationship in the face of a worsening situation that threatens the emotional health of both partners, is being irresponsible at best.

For no matter who is at fault in this situation, if the jealousy has led to this kind of toxicity then the issue no longer can be who did what. The issue can only be where do we go from here in this relationship.

And divorce should be seen as a way out of this mess.

Mere jealousy by itself should never have to lead to this situation, but this is what can happen when partners refuse to confront underlying issues in the relationship that are causing feelings of jealousy.

In short, life can get nasty, and nasty is messy for the emotions. Messy emotions cannot carry on a healthy relationship for very long and so when things begin to eat away at any of the partners in the relationship that is time to consider divorce or temporary separation as a responsible option.

No one would hardly think to place jealousy and divorce in the same sentence. After all jealousy for the most part is not such a deal breaker that things cannot be resolved.

But the problem is not necessarily the jealousy itself. The problem is normally what that jealousy spawns when it is left unchecked. Sometimes drastic actions such as divorce or separation have to be the only way to deal with the situation.