Fighting Speeding Tickets – Knowing What to Do and Not to Do

Fighting Speeding Tickets – Knowing What to Do and Not to Do

You get pulled over for speeding. Your first reaction is to get out and give the officer a piece of your mind. Doesn’t he know you can’t afford this? Stop right there. If you want a successful speeding ticket defense you need to back up and start over or you might as well start writing the check for the fine.

Tickets are not exactly what you’ve always heard. Your best defense is a good offense. Start by remembering that it is nothing personal. Unless you owe the officer money he isn’t taking it out on you. So remain calm. You just have to remember that you do not admit anything. Don’t get it confused: you aren’t denying it, either. But for your sake right now, go with the flow.

They will probably ask you something along the lines of “do you know why you are being stopped”, or “do you know how fast you were going?” Again, the answer is “no, I don’t.” Let him tell you. If you say something like, “I’m not really sure” or I was only going…”, etc. you are asking to be proven guilty. Just let them write the ticket and sign it. Another misconception is if you sign the ticket you are admitting guilt. That is simply not true. The only thing you are admitting is that you are getting a ticket.

Here is something you can do: while he is writing, take note of the conditions, road, time, etc. Anything that you can remember that will distinguish you at that moment needs to be noted. Don’t write it down while the officer is there, wait until you both leave. If they see you taking notes the officer will know you are going to be a problem in court and he will make it a point to be there with his act together. You won’t stand a chance then. When you get the citation, drive off and go somewhere and write. The more information you collect the better prepared you’ll be in court.

Most citations are thrown out if you are prepared and the officer doesn’t show. A good speeding ticket defense starts with staying clam and to start getting ready to present your case in court.