File Taxes Online for Free – The IRS Making It Easy

File Taxes Online for Free – The IRS Making It Easy

Tax season is a very busy period not only for accountants and tax preparers but also for the people who need to file their income taxes. As soon as you finish preparing your federal tax return, you can already send your tax return through the mail or you can file taxes online for free.

Since 2003, the IRS and a group of tax software companies from the private sector created the Free File program which allows taxpayers to file for free. There are a couple of companies that will not only help qualified taxpayers file taxes online for free but they will also provide forms that can be filled out by those who do not qualify for the free preparation and e-filing.

Any taxpayer knows that filing their return can be frustrating and very confusing. By using online software, you are not able to submit your return for free but you also do it with much ease and convenience compared to preparing it and filling out forms manually. The software will ask you simple questions and the answers will automatically go to the proper forms. It also does the math for you; it automatically computes the figures and checks the accuracy of the information. This way the errors can be minimized.

The Free File program is a very helpful tool for taxpayers but unfortunately, it has certain requirements that you need to meet in order to file your return online at no cost. Eligibility requirements change every year so you can expect to qualify this year even when you didn’t the previous years. For tax year 2009, you have to have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of no more than $57,000. If you made more than that, you will not be able to file taxes online for free but you can still fill out the Free File Forms and print them out. Just like the Free File Software, it has a basic calculation capability and will still assist you preparing your tax return. It does not have any limitation with the income but you will have to file your tax returns manually or file through e-filing for a fee. While some tax return website companies allow you to free submission, it does not include filing and preparing state taxes.

Since you can now submit your tax return for free, there are no more reasons why should not be able to file your tax returns on time.