Get Away With a Warning Instead of a Speeding Ticket

Get Away With a Warning Instead of a Speeding Ticket

Everybody (at some point) in their life will come across a situation where he will have to deal with law enforcement officer for violating the maximum speed limit prescribed for particular location or lane. If you failed to provide satisfactory explanation for your infraction, you will be issued a speeding ticket.

So, if you want to save yourself from worries and expenses of dealing with a speeding ticket, then you must know what to do when stopped by law enforcement officer and what to say that will increase your chances of getting away with just a verbal warning instead of being ticketed.

If you are pulled over by a police patrol car, the first thing you need to do is to safely, cautiously pulled over your car onto the shoulder of the road, turn off the engine, keep your hands in a plain view, and do not make any sudden and suspicious movement. Once you have stopped your car try to remain cool and calm. Be polite and always be co-operative to the officer. Do not talk back or get annoyed. The smoother and easier you make the process the more likely you will be able to get away with just oral warning instead of being charged with expensive ticket.

If you were speeding, remain calm and quiet. Let them tell you that you were speeding. Never admit your guilt on your own. The officer would like you to admit to speeding and if you do you will receive a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket not only costs you $150 but it will also increase your insurance premium.

Once the police officer states that you were speeding, there are several responses you can make. One is to admit honestly that you were speeding the officer might appreciate your truthfulness and allows you to go with just a warning. The negative side of this response is that the officer might go ahead and issue you a speeding ticket since you have admitted your offense.

The second response is to deny that you were speeding. This approach will create a tense atmosphere between you and the police officer and if you failed to provide satisfactory reason for your excess speed the law enforcement officer will give you a speeding ticket. The good side of this response is that if you get a ticket, you will have more of a chance to beat your ticket in front of judge, since you did not admit your guilt.

The third approach is that do not admit you were speeding but neither deny it. This approach of dealing with officer will be the best one. When the officer says that you were pulled over for speeding you can say “Oh I see….” and then you can in venerating tone give a brief explanation for your excessive speed. You may say that you were rushing to the hospital for an emergency and that you were unaware of your speedometer or you may say that due to fog you were unable to see the maximum speed limit sign.

The third non-responsive approach will work best. The police officer will appreciate your truthfulness and honesty. He will understand the problem from your perspective and might let you go with just an oral warning and without giving you a speeding ticket.