Getting an Attorney for DUI Case

You were driving home from work late, and you are tired. However, when you ran that stop sign that you couldn’t see for the leaves that were in the way, you didn’t mean to hit the family that had their newborn in the car. Thankfully, everyone is ok, but now the police are looking at you as if you were driving under the influence on some type of controlled substance. You know that you have never used any type of drugs before, and now you need to get an attorney to get you out of this mess. It’s best to get a DUI attorney because they have experience in these matters and can get out you out of this mess.

Finding The Best Attorney

You need an attorney that can present evidence in the best way possible that you were not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol while you were driving. They know what a drug addict or an alcoholic look like, and your case does not have that. If you do some research or go online, you should be able to find a lawyer that can convince the judge, prosecution, and jury that you were sober and just couldn’t see because of the leaves hanging down from the tree concerning the stop sign. The best thing would be to get the charges dropped instead of wasting taxpayer’s money with a court case. Having a lawyer that knows the ropes to get it thrown out so the normal procedures for an auto accident can take place instead would be helpful in this case. That’s why having any dui attorney roanoke rapids nc is the right option to get out of trouble and bring things back to normal.

The Procedures

It does not matter that you took a breathalyzer test and it came back normal, you are still being wrongfully charged with being under the influence. No one wants to believe you that the leaves from the hanging branch that everyone can clearly see is covering up the red stop sign and it’s dark. Your best bet is to follow the attorney’s instructions so that you can be found not guilty and move on from there. You will have to be booked in the jail that you’re taken to. Also, there may be a bond you must post in order to get out of jail. If you have the money, then pay it so you can be free to relate to your trial. Once it starts, you will be ready to state your case against the prosecution so that you can win. There is no way that it can be proven that you took anything illegal, and your lawyer should be able to prove it.

You need a DUI attorney to win your case. Don’t let the police have the final say. There is a way to get your life back and hiring a DUI lawyer can help.