How to Effectively Negotiate With an IRS Revenue Officer

How to Effectively Negotiate With an IRS Revenue Officer

When you are required to enter into negotiations with an IRS Revenue Officer, you must have the the skills and tax knowledge that will protect you from making costly mistakes. It is not recommended that you face the IRS without the counsel of a qualified tax specialist. A tax professional can protect you from being pressured into accepting a tax debt settlement you cannot afford.

The IRS Revenue Officer

Now that IRS tax collection action is becoming more and more prevalent, it is imperative that you become proactive in handling your tax debt problems. An IRS Revenue Officer is fully authorized and backed by the government to proceed with tax collection action in an aggressive and intimidating manner. They have been given authorization beyond the average collection agency and take tax debt collection very seriously.

An IRS Revenue Officer focused on quick recovery of your full tax debt amount is trained to:

Not be swayed by excuses (legitimate or not)

Not consider a taxpayer’s ability to pay

Assess wage garnishments

Levy bank accounts

Seize property

Bring criminal charges if necessary

Having an experienced tax attorney represent you can make the arm-wrestling negotiation process more advantageous to obtaining an acceptable settlement agreement.

There Are Options

Taxpayers facing the inability to pay for their debts for any number of reasons can qualify for certain tax debt settlement options. However, you must know what to do in order to get those options. An experienced tax attorney can help you determine if you qualify.

Often a taxpayer may qualify for an Offer in Compromise. A financial hardship may qualify you for this type of relief based upon dire monetary need. Your tax specialist can negotiate an installment plan that can allow you to still have a decent quality of life while repaying your tax liability. Tax professionals are focused on obtaining a fair and affordable settlement agreement for the taxpayer, while the IRS Revenue Officer is interested in a quick recovery of the entire tax debt owed. Being skilled IRS negotiators, tax attorneys can prove indispensable during IRS tax collection proceedings. They will speak with the IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case and aid you in answering all the questions and information.

Getting the Best Resolution

If you have been receiving IRS tax notices or have been contacted by IRS Revenue Officer, you need to get help from a tax specialist now. Delaying the resolution of your tax debt problems will only add a greater financial burden. Interest, penalties and fines will compound increasing your debt. Don’t wait until your tax problems have put your financial future at risk. You need help with your IRS tax collection issues right now. If you have an appointment already scheduled with an IRS Revenue Officer, it is imperative to contact a tax specialist immediately. They are there to help you with questions about your rights and legal responsibilities.