How to Negoitate Debt Problems – Settle IRS Tax Debt First

How to Negoitate Debt Problems – Settle IRS Tax Debt First

You may be thinking, “I’ll take care of the IRS after I’ve caught up on other past due bills” or maybe you’ve decided to get into a debt management program and they claim they will fix the tax issue as well. Bad idea IRS agents have much more power than your average bill collector. In fact, while debt management programs are required to consider all of your outstanding unsecured debts, the IRS considers none of them. They could care less if Visa, Master Charge, department stores or any unsecured debtors are at your door, regardless of any arrangement you have in place with them. Making a deal with the IRS first will stave off many creditors as well; they know if the IRS can’t collect from you they haven’t got a chance.

We’ve even had clients tell other creditors “run my credit report, see the tax liens; if the IRS can’t collect why do you want to waste your time.”

If you owe past due taxes you should understand this information:

Just like credit cards, tax debt can be overwhelming. The penalties and interest often snowball so fast that the amount you owe can double, triple, quadruple or worse very quickly. Often no end is in sight even if you are making regular payments. Unlike other bill collectors IRS agents don’t need a court order to seize your paycheck, bank account and other assets. Further, the IRS does not reduce interest or penalties just because you are in a debt management program either. In fact it has no bearing whatsoever in the eyes of IRS agents.

We have some good news for you!

A huge majority of taxpayers qualify to make an affordable deal over tax debt. There are guilt free sanctuaries, mandated by Congress and sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service. However, don’t expect an IRS agent to qualify you or even tell you about this little known program. Their job is to collect taxes, every penny they think you owe plus penalties and interest.

You can take yourself to safety. Our staff and eBook has helped over ten thousand clients with their tax problems. If you have the money (and most with debt problems do not) you might consider paying a tax attorney to fix the issue for you. However, in most cases you can make an affordable deal with the IRS. You can transform your IRS tax problem and put all the worry behind you. We offer a Tax Relief eBook that will teach you how to resolve the tax debt issues you face and make sure you know the rules IRS agents must follow.

You can also stop the government from seizing your bank accounts, garnishing paychecks or auctioning homes and other assets. Usually, stopping this aggressive collection action happens from as fast as 3 hours to dragging the process out for several years if you like. Stopping paycheck and bank seizures is something that IRS must do when properly dealt with.