I Got in A Car Accident…Now What?

There are many stages in life that serve as a right of passage into the next phase of our lives. It ranges from learning to walk to riding a bike for the first time, and even learning how to drive. That moment when you’re handed your license changes everything. Your license is your ticket to freedom and everything seems perfect. You had no idea that when you got into your car that you would be rear-ended by someone who wasn’t paying attention. Now, you have to figure out how to pay for this, if your insurance will cover it, and how to get justice for an accident that wasn’t your fault. The best bet is to look into getting an auto accident attorney. Keep reading and I’ll give you a play by play on what an auto accident attorney is and a list of auto accident attorney los angeles ca.

What Is an Auto Accident Attorney?

An auto accident attorney is someone who specializes in car accident law and can resolve questions of fault and settle claims done to your vehicle. Now, because car accidents are a common occurrence all over the world, most cases can be settled with the respecting insurance companies involved. However, if the accident you were involved in caused physical injury, death, or significant damages, then it’s time to consult with an auto accident attorney. The best time to reach out to an attorney would be right after the incident occurs. California law states that any person involved in an accident has two years to file a personal injury lawsuit and three years to file a claim for property damage from the time of the incident.

What to Look for In an Auto Accident Attorney

When looking for an attorney, you want to make sure that their personality is the right fit for you. If after your consultation you feel like you guys weren’t a good match, keep looking. Also, you want to research the level of experience they have. Go onto the website of the attorney you’re interested in and look up their past cases. See if any are similar to yours. Next, find an attorney who will be committed to your case; who doesn’t have too much on their plate. Feeling secure in knowing your attorney is focused on you might help you feel more comfortable throughout the process. Lastly, see what people are saying about this attorney. Reputation is everything and you want to make sure that your attorney can hold their own in the negotiation process.

Are Personal Injury and Auto Accident Attorneys the Same?

A personal injury attorney is someone who specializes in cases where a person claims to have been injured, physically or psychologically. These injuries could be due to the negligence of another person. An auto accident attorney is just a personal injury attorney who specifically focuses on personal injuries caused by a car accident.