IRS Audits 6,000 Businesses For Unpaid Employer Taxes – Is Your Company the Next IRS Target?

IRS Audits 6,000 Businesses For Unpaid Employer Taxes – Is Your Company the Next IRS Target?

According to the recent article on “IRS to Expand Audits as Cash Runs Low” by Joe Mont, it appears the IRS is doing anything and everything they can to make up for the “estimated $14 billion that companies underpay in employer taxes a year.” The IRS plans to execute a three-year campaign that will crackdown on 6,000 businesses. No one is safe from IRS audits as Uncle Sam zeros in on randomly selected companies and individuals in order to take back what he’s owed.

Mont discusses the biggest challenge the IRS will face while undergoing thousands of audits: “defining who is, or isn’t, an employee.” They realize that many companies will misclassify employees in order to bypass protections. The agency plans to scrutinize both big and small companies to guarantee they’re catching as many misclassified employees as possible with these “worker misclassification audits”.

In a 1984 IRS assessment of misclassification the agency found that “15% of employers misclassified 3.4 million workers.” They’ve already stated their plans to put IRS bank levies on large financial firms that receive bailouts, now they’re going to zero in on individual taxpayers. The IRS is prepared to do whatever it takes to collect every penny missing from the government bank account.

Taxpayers need to be aware of the dangers of undergoing IRS audits without the help of a professional tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. Going to an IRS audit on your own without proper representation could lead to major IRS problems. I can’t even stress how important it is to have professional tax help that will allow you to negotiate a tax relief settlement and guide you through the process.

If you or someone you know is undergoing auditing, we recommend consulting an experienced tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolutions Specialist immediately. For more valuable information about protecting yourself from the scrutiny of the IRS check out our IRS Audit Articles.

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