Learning to Trust After a Divorce

Learning to Trust After a Divorce

Learning to Trust Again

Depending on the depth and breadth of the circumstances of divorce, the determining factor in healing and learning how to trust after a divorce is one’s ability to draw from the well of self-esteem and self-confidence. The individual with a strong sense of self-esteem isn’t given to allowing one episode of betrayal to destroy an entire future.

The same is true of self-confidence. A self-confident person has the strength to move forward even as the battlements before them seem enormous. Learning how to trust after a divorce isn’t a simple as just turning a page in a best-selling book. There are well-defined steps that make all the difference in “how” you learn to trust again.

Steps to Restoring Trust

Most human beings are trusting individuals. When we meet a stranger on the street and open lines of communication, we don’t automatically form negative, mistrustful judgments. We rely on an inner sense of trust to guide us in any new relationship.

Yet, newly divorced individuals are reticent to step over the threshold to a trusting relationship. The extremity of betrayal damages that inner sense of trust, creating a handicap to moving on with our lives. Then, there’s the matter of trying to avoid mistakes of the past relationship.

The first step to restoring trust begins with trusting yourself. The situation is really lack of self-trust rather than trusting others. Ask yourself: “How Much Do I Trust Myself?”. Clearly, if you can’t trust yourself to make emotionally stable decisions, you won’t be able to trust in mutual decisions made in a new relationship.

Seeking A Soulmate

Not every person we meet can be a soulmate. Yet, we desperately seek a replacement to fill the void of the loss of a mate. It’s also important to address our role in the past relationship honestly and with courage. That’s the next step in learning how to trust after divorce. Don’t be in a hurry to find a replacement for your loss. Hurrying into the next relationship after divorce is a sign of desperation and emotional insecurity.

Discover for yourself how important your personal happiness is to your future and the issue of trust becomes less fearsome.