Making Your Marriage Last

Making Your Marriage Last

Falling in love is the easiest thing, it is the most exciting and powerful thing. That’s why falling out of love hurts like hell. But falling in love, there is nothing more better, it’s the best it ever gets. Love and lost are two separate thing, at times, we become our own worst enemies.

Falling in love like I said is easy, but a life time of there’s a miracle. Relationship aren’t always easy, I should know, I have been on that road before or rather too many times. How many of you reading this piece have been divorced or have just quit a relationship? Divorce doesn’t just happen, and relationship doesn’t just end in an instant. We all wanted to be loved and to be happy. So why aren’t we, because we become happy at sabotaging our own happiness…feeling like victims when in fact, it is the choice we make.

That your marriage is experiencing some levels of difficulties is not enough reason for you to back out, its not enough reason for you not to try to make it work, its not enough reason for you to say “you know I love you but this marriage can’t work any more”. Marriage is like a career, hard-work and determination brings you to a successful career, likewise marriage, if you determine that your marriage will be blissful and full of fun, it will, its just in you, you need to make that call and take that decision.

When things start going wrong in marriages, you see the man complaining of so many things about the woman, you see the woman complaining of too many things about the man. I need you to do one thing this moment, make a flash back from the beginning when the marriage was still blissful and fun, count it down up to the point where you started have a break. That break point is the fix point of your marriage.

To make your marriage last, you must be very much prepared to make the necessary sacrifice. Marriage is not a one man or one woman thing. You must be prepared to lead your marriage or relationship to the next level, and to do this, you have to follow the teachings of God from the scripture. That is the part to a successful marriage, build your relationship or marriage around it. Write down all the wrong things you think your spouse have done, as well as the good things you think he/she has done, weigh both to see how good or bad your spouse has been to you. In your quiet time, think through the entire affair and ask your self this simple question:

What is it you are preparing to do in order to take your marriage on the rocks and transform it into a happy relationship?