Marriage and Relationship – Ways To Avoid Divorce

Marriage and Relationship – Ways To Avoid Divorce

1) Look at yourself in the mirror and ask these questions;

Did you place high importance on your spouse, putting his or her interest as your priority?

Did you feel committed and had proved to her or him about that?

Did you view your marriage in terms instead of “our” and “we”, rather than “mine “and “me”?

Is your marriage been a team work or does each one of you does his or her own things?

Did you treat your spouse with respect?

Did you manifest reasonableness by giving allowances when he or she commit mistake?

Did you have a forgiving heart towards your spouse?

Did you truly love your mate from your heart?

Did you work hard enough to make your marriage successful?

2) Now give yourself an honest examination. What are your answers to the questions above? Rate yourself.

Did you know that marriage reach to the point of divorce when the answers to the questions above are 50% negative?

3) If you have difficulties in marriage, is it because you chose the wrong spouse? Or it’s because you failed to work on it? So if your marriage seems to end, you should think what you could do to make it better and not to let it go.

4) Meditate the good times you had with your spouse when your relationship had just begun such as;

Your vows and promises you made during your wedding day,

The good qualities you admired most from your spouse.

The first sweet love you had for each other

The times you shared during bad times and good times

5) Talk to your spouse in a kind manner that you really want to repair your relationship. If you can’t get him or her face to face, try to put it down in writing. Be sure to choose words that are kind and loving enough to soften his or her heart.

6) Seek some guidance from an experience and mature friend who can help you set realistic goals to improve your marriage.

7) Self control is needed. If you don’t control yourself and just give in to madness, nothing will happen. You are just fuelling the fire instead of putting it off.

8) Think of the sad consequences of divorce to you and your children.

9) Don’t be misled to believe that you can find a better one. If you didn’t do good in your first marriage, it will be the same the second time. Your next affair might be better for some reasons but must be even worst in other aspects. So why not continue with the journey you started with your spouse instead of trying to go back and find another boat to sail and start all over again?

10) Be persistent and sincere to work on with the restoration of your marriage. Your spouse will then realize your effort. and he can be touch to cooperate. Don’t forget even the hardest metal can be melted with fire. Even your spouse seem to be determined to pursue divorce, you can you can melt his hard decision by letting him feel that you really want to bring your relationship back on track. But do so with respect, humility, sincerity and love.