Prison Survival Tips – 4 Tips on How to Survive Prison For the Beginner!

Prison Survival Tips – 4 Tips on How to Survive Prison For the Beginner!

If you are facing the possibility of doing some time, I would like to show you some prison survival tips. I have done time and many friends of mine have too and we have collected the following pointers for any new fish entering the jail system. You will be separated from your loved ones, your job, your friends and your lifestyle. Chances are you will be imprisoned with other people who have done crimes. Including assault, rape, murder, drug dealing. A lot of the guys in prison have done a lot of time there, but if you are a rookie follow these tips on how to survive prison.

One of the biggest assets you can use in your prison survival tactics is showing no form of vulnerability whatsoever. Whether it be loneliness, addiction to drugs or gambling, needing friends, not being strong or not knowing how to fight. One of the best things you can do in prison is read law books and review your court files. Fill your head full of law information as well as other books like, “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu. Another thing is to keep your personal life separate from your prison life keeping your privacy guarded as much as possible.

One big strategy is to stay away from the social circle in jail. Don’t associate with the bullies or higher ups in your unit. Keep to the lower level people that don’t cause problems or issues. Associate and make friends with people you figure you can rely on for protection and friendship. Don’t let someone borrow or lend you things when you first arrive because they will be setting you up.

A huge aspect on learning how to survive prison is to listen to the guards but don’t tell all your fellow inmates. If you snitch or tell the prison guards who punched who, or who is a drug dealer, you can get yourself into some serious problems. Being a snitch may mean your in good terms with the prison police but chances are you will be found out and victimized by the inmates your doing time with. You will be beat up for sure, but even worse, even possibly killed.

Always remember that the night times are the loneliest times of the day. You will be missing your family, your wife or girlfriend, your friends, you will miss your life on the outside a lot. But you must not cry or if you do, don’t let anyone hear you. Be very aware of your behaviour and don’t show fear to anyone. Always remember that if someone starts problems with you, it’s up to you to react and fight back, which is one of the ways on how to survive prison!