Serious Ways to Survive Jail!

Serious Ways to Survive Jail!

Well, if you are about to do a serious amount of jail time and you have never even been in a jail cell over night I am about to teach you some serious techniques that can save your ass and your life when your doing time in jail. The news and stuff you see on the internet about prison is all real. It’s a very violent place but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these rules below:

Ways to survive jail #1 – A lot of the stuff you read on the internet about surviving jail is written by people who have never done a day in their life. I recently read one article that says if someone starts violence with you act passively. I will tell you a secret, the guy who wrote that article, and that statement would be victimized and raped for the rest of his statement. If someone attacks you be prepared to fight back with everything you have.

Ways to survive jail #2 – If you have to keep a weapon you at all times. If you are able to carry a pen or pencil in your pocket at all times it would be a good thing. You never know when someone will try stabbing you and having the protection of a weapon will give you more skills and abilities on fighting off an attacker.

Ways to survive jail #3 – Go to church. Being able to go to church and deal with your spiritual life while behind bars is a good thing. Just don’t associate with sexual offenders trying to gain their salvation. If you are caught being a friend to a known sex offender, chances are you will be attacked as well. So go to church and work your issues out with God every week. Remember not to be a snitch and that includes talking about other inmates to the pastor.

Ways to survive jail #4 – Known snitches and informants are beaten and killed by inmates always remember that. You will be victimized, stolen from, attacked frequently and possibly even murdered. One of the biggest rules behind bars is keeping your mouth shut. If a guard asks you a question about an another inmates crime, don’t say a word. Also never write about other inmates or their crimes in your mail or on the phone. The prison system always has eyes and ears all over the place.

Basically remaining as low key as possible while causing as little attention to yourself is mandatory. By being a nobody you won’t stir up problems and nobody will offend or cause problems with you, nine times out of ten.