Settlement Procedures for a Truck Accident

When an individual is involved in a truck accident, expenses such as medical bills will start to accumulate leading to financial debt. However, filing an insurance claim should help in covering those bills so that the financial burden will be avoided. Trucking companies usually give a release to the claimant to sign after the settlement claim gets resolved. This prevents the victim from making any injury claims regarding the truck accident in the nearest future.

Having an agreement on settlement means that you take a certain amount of money offered as an interchange for not filing a lawsuit against the truck driver. A personal injury lawyer is always present during insurance settlement but the decision to accept the offer lies with the victim.

Having an Attorney Is an Advantage during Settlement Negotiations

The presence of a personal injury lawyer who acts in your favor through a settlement negotiation is of several benefits for you. If you are involved in an accident with a car, you go after the driver for financial compensation. However, you might get confused as to who to file a claim against if it is a truck accident. Several parties are liable for the damages such as the truck driver, the company who built the truck and their employer. These parties might not reach a fair settlement because they will have different insurance companies. The situation makes negotiating for a truck accident more complex. A personal injury lawyer will manage the communication between these parties while deciding the liability.

Gathering Documents That Values Your Insurance Claim

When the negotiation process starts, you should know the exact amount of money that will take care of your bills and have the appropriate evidence to keep up with that amount. While your attorney is adding up the value of your claim, ensure that no costs are omitted and update your medical expenses regarding the accident. In addition, you should include your employment records showing your present and future earnings, bank statements. Your truck accident lawyer will explain any other necessary documents that can help in the settlement process.

What determines a settlement amount in a truck accident?

When deciding the value of a truck accident case, an important factor is whether the accident was partly the responsibility of the injured. However, if both the truck driver and the victim are at fault, the final settlement amount might be less than if the truck driver was the cause of the accident.

If a truck accident case does not settle, then the jury will decide on the cost of damages for the victim. Many truck accident cases settle because the plaintiff and the trucking parties will not prefer the uncertainty of the jury’s decision.


During the settlement negotiation, you should not accept your first offer without getting your lawyer involved with the process. If your lawyer is not present, your claim may be undervalued. He or she can argue for a reasonable amount depending on the extent of the injury sustained

This is why having a truck accident attorney to go through the settlement negotiating can enhance your chances of the best settlement.