Some Thoughts on What an International Tax Attorney Is

Some Thoughts on What an International Tax Attorney Is

If you’re an American expat, chances are good you will at some point need advice from an expert to deal with your international taxation issues. The question, of course, is what exactly is an international tax attorney? What do they do? Aren’t they just like a regular tax attorney? Well, yes and no.

An international tax attorney is, by definition, what you would assume – an individual who gives advice, knowledge, and deals with all issues related to taxation issues and business transactions (and other facets) across the globe. International tax laws, as Michael Graetz put it, “resolve the competing claims of residence and source nations.” These rules are set up to outline the cross border income authority on taxation for each country. These rules can address anything from transfer pricing, residency, source income, and further trade jargon.

But an international tax attorney isn’t some high falutin’ official-the truth is, he/she is simply a lawyer with an area of expertise who can give you the ins and outs of the applicable rules. Some of them have specific knowledge on certain countries, but most of the time, because international tax rules and trade laws are often similar from country to country, their general global knowledge will suffice. If it doesn’t, the best part is that as an expert, they will know exactly who to send you to so you can get your question answered. That’s an International tax attorney job. They’re hooked in to everyone and every organization that is related to their field, which allows them to help you even if they can’t directly help you.

Something you also need to remember-a lot of tax advisers-international or no-can give accurate international tax advice even if they don’t claim to specialize in off-shore transactions.

Which is where Tax Planner CPA, LP network comes in. We are right in the thick of the taxation-international and domestic-community, and if our lawyers and CPAs don’t have the answer to one of your questions, you bet we know someone who will, and we will gladly point you in that direction.

The point is this: know the labels and definitions, but don’t get caught up in them-all the distinctions will make your head spin. With Tax Planner CPA we’ll make those distinctions for you. Why not make it all much easier for yourself or your company?