Speeding Ticket Fines – Just the Facts

Speeding Ticket Fines – Just the Facts

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid speeding ticket fines you’re either a good driver with fantastic insurance rates or you’re very lucky and still have great insurance rates. We thought you might enjoy some speeding ticket fines trivia. Did you know? Every Year in America more than 40,000,000 tickets are handed out – that translates to 100,000 people each and every day. Translated further that means that 1 out of every 6 drivers will get a speeding ticket this year.

The average ticket for speeding is around $200.00 if you take that and multiply it by the 40 million tickets that turns into a whopping $8,000,000,000 – yes that’s right 8 billion dollars. That’s a lot of incentive to initiate to keep writing those tickets.

Did you know that when ticket fines are handed out only 5% of the population even think about contesting it. That means 95% just pay their fine and forget about it. The trouble is there is no forgetting about it because your insurance rates are also going to reflect that nasty little thing they call a speeding ticket.

When a ticket is written the police will actually fail to appear in court about half the time. When this happens the ticket is automatically dismissed, which is why you shouldn’t just pay the ticket and forget about it. Contesting it gives you a 50% chance of getting rid of it completely not affecting your driving record or their pocket book.

The average age for getting a ticket for speeding is 17 to 24, and 17 year olds males get in accidents more than any other age group. More men receive speeding ticket fines than women. Doctors get more tickets than any other profession, perhaps because they’re rushing off to an emergency.

Whether you’ve received your own ticket for speeding or not, you’ve just became a little smarter when it comes to speeding tickets. Drive safely and remember if you receive a speeding ticket don’t just take it – fight it!