Speeding Ticket? What’s Your Bad Excuse?

Speeding Ticket? What’s Your Bad Excuse?

It always seems like the cops are out in force, just when you need to get somewhere as quickly as possible. There you are, driving down the road, so completely focused on your destination and what is scheduled to happen when you get there that you hardly notice the set of lights on top of the white car driving behind you. Before you know it, those light come on: a flashing blue and red. You know you’re in trouble, and you look for the best place to pull over up ahead.

Being pulled over for a speeding ticket is an extremely common occurrence, whether in the city or the country, and almost every driver has experienced that feeling. However, there are very few people who actually like being in that position. Most people will say that they automatically feel stupid, and think about how much their insurance rates will go up. This is normal, because it does happen as a consequence of speeding. However, there are a lot of good reasons why the police officer does what he does, and you may not have as many good reasons for your behavior.

More often than not, though, as the officer leaves his car and approaches your drivers’ window, your brain is racing about what in the world you will say to get out of having to pay the fine that so surely will come. The excuses of some people are off the wall, and hardly worth mentioning because of their ridiculousness. For some, they try to explain that there is a very important meeting at work that they must get to, or they are on their way home to children who are starving.

We can’t say that not giving the officer any good reason for why you were speeding is better than coming up with one that sounds stupid, it’s just kind of funny to reflect on how often the latter happens. Sometimes, though you do have a legitimate reason for doing what you were doing, and in that case, it may be recommended that you explain to the officer. For example, if you are rushing your pregnant wife to the hospital, quickly tell the officer the situation, and things may turn out better for you.

One word of warning, however is this: whatever you say to the police officer, make sure it is the truth. Circumstances will almost always worsen if the officer suspects or discovers that you are lying. If you are as honest as possible, and willing to accept the responsibility of your own behaviors, things may yet be well with you. Not all police officers are out to nab every speeding driver out there, and nail them with an incredible fine. By being honest and humble, you may simply receive a warning-one that you should probably heed.

It is true that receiving a speeding ticket is not the best thing that ever happened to you. However, it is important for you to keep in mind the reasons why it happens. Maintain your respect for the law enforcement in your area, and simply strive harder to follow the rules. That is the best way to avoid dealing with any fines and citations in the future.