Tax Resolution Services

Tax Resolution Services

Assured Tax Solutions was established and is managed by a tax attorney that has been admitted to the U.S. Federal Tax Court for over 25 years. Since that time he has represented numerous clients the before the IRS as well many state treasury departments. Over the past several years it has become increasingly apparent that there is a growing need for a group of dedicated tax professionals to assist citizens with their tax problems. Our staff of Tax Resolution Specialist’s, Attorney’s, CPA’s and Enrolled Agents will do everything in their collective power to assure you, our client, is treated professionally and respectfully. We understand what you are experiencing when you contact us.

We promise to do everything legally possible to bring your case with the IRS of your State Treasury to a speedy and satisfactory close so that you can get on with your life.

Unlike our competition Assured Tax Solutions promises that we will have your case presented to the taxing authorities[s] that you are dealing with in the absolute shortest period of time. We will NOT nickel and dime you to death and we will NOT sit on your file for 6 months or longer and then call and tell you that we require more money to finish your case.

Our fees will be based on the complexity of your case. You will be charged a flat fee for our services and we will NEVER ask you for a penny more then the original fee that you were quoted.

Our firm was established because of the terrible reputation that many of our competitors deservedly have acquired. We consider it an honor to be allowed to work for you and to represent you in front of the taxing authorities. We vow to be the strongest possible advocate that you can ever hope to represent you.

The management of Assured grantee’s each client a honest, ethical and hardworking company focused on assisting you in even the most complicated situation. Both the general public and small business owners who are working their way through the maze of problems that can crop up when dealing with the IRS and individual state treasuries will immediately recognize the experience, knowledge and compassion that each of our Tax Resolution Specialist’s demonstrate. The concept for Assured Tax Solutions took root and is now the most competent company of its kind anywhere.

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