Three Reasons to Consider Hiring a Local DUI Attorney

The laws concerning DUI are very straightforward in most districts and trying to get a favorable result in court without a lawyer is extremely difficult. In most DUI cases, it will be your word against the officer and the testing equipment, and that is something the judge considers carefully when handing down their sentence. This is the reason you need someone on your side to be able to dispute the evidence and get the arresting officer to answer questions about their testing methods, something you could never do on your own. These are three reasons to consider working with a dui st. charles attorney.

The Power in an Experienced Attorney

Your DUI attorney may not be an expert at collecting evidence at a DUI stop, but they are at analyzing it for the courts. The advantage that you have is the officer is done everything they can soon after the arrest is complete. Your DUI attorney will be able to collect all that evidence and take as much time as needed to go over every ounce to see if anything doesn’t line up correctly. If the officer acted out of character, didn’t calibrate the device correctly, or the device itself was flawed, your lawyer is going to make certain this information helps your side to get a more favorable ruling.

The Key to Success in Court

Courtroom experience is everything in your DUI case. You never know when the prosecution may take a different approach or reveal evidence you were not ready to defend. With the help of your lawyer, they will draw on past experiences to do everything in their power to make certain nothing trips up your case. Your DUI attorney will be in the best position to anticipate what the other side will be presenting and already have a defense ready in case things change in the middle of your case. Being prepared for a number of scenarios will put you in the best position to winning the case in the end.

How to Poke Holes in the Prosecution Case

The way that your DUI attorney is going to poke holes in the prosecution case is by questioning the testing device or methods used by the officer. Many of the field tests are subject to the discretion of the arresting officer, so it does leave some room for error. The officer chose field tests based on their impression of how you were driving, so they can choose or ignore certain tests, and your attorney will question them in detail about their selection and what was the reasoning behind not using other testing.

Your DUI attorney has been in the courtroom with these cases several times this year already, and they have the skills needed to get you a favorable result. Even if things look like they are not going your way, that is when your lawyer will use their courtroom negotiating skills to either get the sentence reduced or possibly have the entire case dismissed.