Warning – You Must Take This Step If You Want to Stop Divorce

Warning – You Must Take This Step If You Want to Stop Divorce

The honeymoon is over and suddenly life seems pretty dull. Gradually you and your partner have stopped communicating, and silly little things are starting to aggravate. Before you know it the word ‘divorce’ is mentioned, and you’re left wondering how it all went wrong. If you want to stop divorce, then you must consider the possibility that the problems are on both sides of your relationship.

It’s easy to go along thinking that your partner is the one to blame for all your differences. The fact is that often what you do causes a reaction from your partner, which ultimately leads to grievances. These grievances are often left unsaid, and that is the start of the decline of any marriage.

Respecting one another is an all important part of any marriage. Respecting your partner’s opinion, his/her right to disagree on certain issues and his/her necessity for a certain amount of space in the relationship.

Most disagreements can be overcome by discussion. If you find it impossible to agree then compromise – it’s no big deal.

Supporting each other through trials and tribulations helps to build a bond. Sometimes it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself and just support the other in times of stress. If you really love someone it’s not that difficult to do.

Sharing decisions and responsibilities rather than one carrying all the burdens will help to retain mutual respect for each other.

If something is not working, then set about changing things. Change is exciting and can refresh a stale relationship. No-one is beyond changing their appearance, attitude, goals or desires. If your partner is unhappy with the way your lives are going, change could be the answer, and could totally revitalize your marriage.

Remember, any relationship is hard work. You have to be prepared to put everything you can into it, and back down now and then in order to keep things going. You’re not being defeatist, you’re being clever. You’re using your common sense and weighing up which is more important, being right and losing, or backing down and keeping happiness intact.

In a way divorce is an easy way out. In some cases it’s a case of not bothering to try and restore a marriage. This is not always the case, but divorce is final and you should be very sure before you go down that road that there isn’t a way to resolve your problems.

There are always exceptions of course, for instance violence in a marriage should never be tolerated. In many cases though, divorce can be avoided and solutions found.

Try to remember how you felt about each other when you first got together. Try to bring back some of the ‘magic’ that was there then. A romantic meal or a walk along the beach. Anything that can help you to recall what you once had together. It’s probably still there, but has been buried under the stresses and strains of everyday life.