What to Look for in a Disability Lawyer

If you have recently been injured or ill to the extent that you can no longer work, you might be wondering about disability. Filling for disability can seem like a daunting task. It is not something that you should face alone.
Filling for disability takes a lot of time, and is complicated. There are many forms that must be filled out in a specific way. It is important to hire a disability lawyer. The first step in the disability process should be looking for disability lawyers oklahoma or wherever you may live.

Why Should I Hire a Disability Lawyer

You are more likely to win your claim of disability if you have the help of an attorney. During the initial process of filing your claim, the lawyer can work through the claim with you. They know exactly what to file and when. The majority of disability claims get denied because the person cannot provide adequate medical evidence. A lawyer tells you what you need to present your case. The lawyer also works with a doctor to order more test if needed.

If your disability claim gets denied the lawyer will file a request for reconsideration. The likelihood of you winning the reconsideration is greatly increased if you have a lawyer on hand. The lawyer will walk you through the process and make you feel more at ease before the hearing date.

What Should I Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

How much do you have to pay your lawyer? Most disability lawyers will charge the same rate. The rate is twenty five percent of back benefits. The fee has to be approved by a Social Security Judge and paid by Social Security. The lawyer does not get a payment unless you win your benefits. Will the lawyer attend hearings and appointments or is there an extra fee? Having a lawyer there with you at your hearing is a great asset. It can help you feel at ease and can make you feel more confident in what you are doing. Is the lawyer educated in the social law? Social security law is complicated, and a lawyer, not versed in it will have trouble winning your case. You wouldn’t go to a heart doctor for knee pain, so don’t seek out the wrong type of lawyer for your disability case. How much experience does the lawyer have with your specific disability? If a lawyer does not have experience in the type of disability that you have they may not know what all medical evidence is required. When preparing a case language specific to the disability type is required. Is the Lawyer Accredited by The Better Business Bureau? Lawyers accredited by the Better Business Bureau have to meet certain accreditation standards such as be responsive, be honest, and transparent. Where Is the Lawyer Located? Many of the lawyers seen on advertisements on T.V are not local. A local lawyer knows the judges and medical experts. They also know the local practices. A local lawyer knows what’s expected of him better than someone out of state will.