When Hiring a DUI Attorney Remember the Following

What is a DUI? 

A DUI is considered as any time where you are driving under the influence. In every state, it is regarded as a crime and can present grounds for arrest. For most people, a DUI may seem like a rather straightforward case, and some might think that it is not important to hire a DUI lawyer. However, a mistake with a DUI case can easily lead to huge consequences. This is because once you are arrested with a DUI and charged, you stand the risk of losing your license among other things. However, in America, every offender is entitled to an attorney. This may be a public defender, or you may hire a private DUI attorney to represent you. Knowing the caseload that is usually allocated to public defenders, it is often a good idea to hire a private attorney. Here are some factors you need to consider when hiring a DUI attorney.


Plenty of attorneys can represent a DUI case however you need one that is specialized in this area and is quite competent having represented others in similar positions as you. This is because in their line of work they have experienced every possible scenario that you may be experiencing at the moment. An attorney who specializes in DUI law is always the best option especially in cases where the evidence and circumstances surrounding your arrest are most likely to cost you more than just your license.


Legal fees can be a burden to anyone. This is because in most cases they are usually unplanned for. This means that you’ll be digging into your pocket trying to salvage every last coin to finance the legal fee and at times it may mean drawing from other areas of your personal budget. It is therefore important to ensure that the DUI attorney you get is one that is affordable to you while at the same time is still able to offer excellent services. However, it is important to realize that expensive is not always guarantee of quality. Do not always go for the DUI attorney who charges the highest amount but rather one who is competent and has been proved over time. Always look for an attorney whose skill and legal fee go hand in hand.

Initial Consultation 

Most DUI lawyers will offer an initial free consultation which enables them to gauge what’s the offence entails. These will allow them to give you a scope of what the case will involve, your options and how it is likely to turn out. A DUI attorney Milwaukee WI will in most cases offer these to you.


Depending on where you have been charged it is important to hire a DUI lawyer who is located within the same jurisdiction. This is because they are more likely to be conversant with the DUI laws of the states. It also ensures that they are available for consultation and representation and do it on time. It also saves you the cost of traveling to their offices.